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Headwin’s air freight forwarding service is based on US and European area and expanded to all over the world.

We have signed BSA with CA, MU and CZ, which are among the largest state-owned airlines in China, so that we can offer direct service to base airports in US and Europe by freighters on a daily basis. We also maintain close relationship with excellent foreign airlines, such as LH, AA, EY, SQ and ET, whose routines cover all the major airports in the world.

We have a 3,000m² general cargo warehouse and a 1,0000² bonded warehouse in Shanghai PVG airport, as well as specialized DG cargo warehouse and individual customs broker, offering full array of services including warehousing, customs brokerage, packing and importing.

Besides general cargo, we are also able to handle special shipments including chemical cargo, vehicle, frozen cargo, oversize cargo and DG cargo.

Service Scopes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           1, can carry 300 kg less bulk, pallets, cargo-based, 
2, with magnetic materials: Ningbo measurement tests to provide the magnetic survey report issued 
3, Chemical products and items containing batteries: Provide Shanghai Chemical Industry Research Institute to provide chemical identification of 
4, may be able to do the identification and chemical identification of magnetic survey reports 
5, can provide regulators closed by truck cargo services, air transport regulatory services, transport, shipment to other airports. Just five hours earlier in Ningbo 
airport into the warehouse, you can select the fastest after the declaration to the domestic air flights designated airport, then flown to the world 
6, can be closed off to provide non-bulk goods, can goods to China on behalf of barge the air port, or select the domestic air transport, as long as the domestic 
flight Jincang three hours, you can specify the country by air to the air port 
7, provide storage, imports for a single, put delivery services, and goods on behalf of the magnetic shielding, etc. do service 
Contact: Candy You
Phone: +86-0574-87758784 


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