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Headwin Logistics has its own superior products and established partnership with core ship-owners on each shipping line:

America-Canada shipping line

MSC/EMC/HMM/CMA/OOCL; can provide competitive price and secured space for base ports in East and West America and IPI ports; can offer to-door service within whole United States together with our 4 branches in US.

Mid-East-Red Sea shipping line

CSCL/HANJIN/HMM to enjoy assurance both on price and shipping space.

Southeast Asian shipping line

MCC/CNC/OOCL/HANJIN to offer clients the best selection of shipping period and price.

Europe-Mediterranean Sea shipping line

MSC/CMA/HANJIN/HMM/CSCL, and has more than ten years’ serving experience on European shipping line.

South American shipping line

MSC /HMM/EMC/HAM-SUD, which enables our clients to gain better competitiveness in their exploration of South American market.

African shipping line

CMA/HANJIN/MSC, and is willing to help our clients to expand their business in Africa.

Strength and qualifications 
1, Class A enterprise of Ningbo Customs 
2, Ningbo, Shanghai, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou and other places with the import customs broker, customs clearance and improve the network 
3, with dozens of experienced customs declaration, inspection staff 
1, the export agency Customs clearance 
2, export agent trailer, storage and pick-up service 
3, producing all kinds of agency documents, signing the necessary documents, etc. 
4, import and export business agent 
5, the customer demand for specific operational procedures (for large customers, special cargo, etc.) 
Special Services 
1, to provide automotive logistics services 
2, provides bulk transportation services 
3, to provide services to non-ferrous metals 
4, dangerous chemicals to provide services to 
5, providing global door to door service, has a good agent system 
6, to provide bonded , bonded logistics park export 
7, complete domestic network, each port has its own branch offices 
Contact: Kathy Huang 
Phone: +86-0574-87752818 


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