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The Latest Headline of SOLAS Container Weight Verification (VGM) Guideline

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06/03/2016 Shenzhen, China.
Headwin has been ivited the SOLAS Senminar by MSK on 3rd June that VGM will be in enforcement on 1st July. “1st of July to 30th of September is deemed as transition period” and NO VGM NO Load will implement staring from 30th of September. All VGM data are accepted by MSK website, from 5th June and permitted error range keeps 5% or 1 tonne. Shipper can revise the data of VGM before cut-off time, and weighing and providing VGM before aboard is recommended by MSK.
Both Yantian and Shekou Chiwan terminals can provide weighing service by floor-scale. The service will be charged at Yantian terminal based on per container, while is still not fixed at Shekou Chiwan terminal. It is also upon shipper's choice to weigh the containers at other authorized weighing companies which can provide the testing certificate issued by Shenzhen Academy of Metrology & Quality Inspection.
Carrier has announced that tare weight of Containers would be provided as guideline for VGM implementing.  

Summary of SOLAS Requirements

The Shipper (listed as shipper in the bill of lading or sea waybill) is responsible for providing the VGM to the carrier in reasonable time prior to vessel loading.

The NVOCC would treat as a shipper which be responsible for providing the VGM to the carrier.

The Scale used for weighing has to be calibrated/certified in accordance with local/national Rules.

There are two Method for calculating the VGM:

    1. Weigh the packed/laden container

    2. Weigh all packages, packaging and dunnage material and add the tare weight of the container

Carriers WILL NOT LOAD containers without having VGM.

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