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3.0 Sea and Air Network Release Conference, A New O2O platform for ‘Internet + Logistics supply chain + Foreign trade agency + Insurance + Finance’.

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Sea and Air Network version 3.0 release conference was successfully held at Shangri-La Ningbo on December 26th 2015 and will come online on January 1st 2016. Conference attendees include Commercial Dept of Ningbo Jiangdong District, Economics Cooperation Dept, Bank Representative, Ningbo Shipping Exchange Dept which in totally of approximately hundred witnesses.


According to customs statistics, the total imports and exports of China reached 26.43 trillion yuan in 2014, of which exports accounted for 14.39 trillion yuan and imports accounted for 12.04 trillion yuan. The export of mechanical and electrical products valued 8.05 trillion yuan, accounting for 56% of total exports, while labor-intensive products such as textiles, clothing, bags, shoes, toys, furniture and plastic products valued 2.98 trillion yuan, accounting for 20.7%.


In 2014, the size of international freight forwarding market of China was about RMB1.2 trillion. The total turnover of top 100 freight forwarding enterprises of the year that awarded by China International Freight Forwarders Association was 352.7 billion yuan, accounted for about 29%; while the total turnover of China Sinotrans Group Co., Ltd., which ranked the first, is 91.45 billion yuan, accounted for about 7.6%.


Early in the year of 2011, Dasheng Logistics Co., Ltd. already began to take a chance of e-commerce of logistics business, for which special IT technical team was organized and Ningbo Sea and Air Network Information Technology Co., LTD was established. With four years of trial, exploration and operation, Sea and Air Network have accumulated certain technology, experience and talents and have been well prepared for large-scale popularization and social application, realizing the exchange, tracking, query, push, analysis, prediction and application of offline and online information via mobile internet technologies, cloud computing and big data. In 2013, Sea and Air Network received Excellent Innovative Team and S&T Progress Award from Ningbo City Jiangdong District People's Government, as well as 2013 China Most Valuable Logistics Enterprises from China International Logistics Festival Organizing Committee and China Logistics Industry Award Evaluation Committee.

Sea and Air Network is an E-business platform for foreign trade comprehensive services with logistics transaction and transaction data application as core, i.e. O2O platform for "Internet + Logistics supply chain + Foreign trade agency + Insurance + Finance”. Sea and Air Network is not simply a logistics business platform, but one on the basis of logistics service and supply chain management, in the form of intensification, providing the numerous import and export enterprises, factories, agencies both at home and abroad with convenient, rapid and price competitive logistics, transport, customs clearance, tax reimbursement, foreign exchange, insurance, financing etc. one-stop services (in case of future scale-up, it’s also capable of realizing enterprise‘s credit rating, accommodation deploy prediction of shipping companies / airlines, shipping index etc. functions) , aiming at becoming an E-business platform integrating “logistics, trading flow, information flow and capital flow” and an intermediate platform providing financial service for small and medium enterprises. Providing innovative value-added products and services for all import and export enterprises and redefining the value position of logistics in supply chain through trans-boundary integration and on the basis of online data application of logistics and foreign trade agency.4.png

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