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Professional import agent booking, customs clearance, commodity inspection, shipping, road transport, warehousing, customs clearance agent documents and business consulting. Our professional 
services to customers of improved logistics efficiency and reduce logistics costs; to information management to achieve the transport of goods in the whole process of 
tracking a variety of management and provide customers with real-time feedback information; to scale operations to meet from various industries and customers worldwide 
customers various needs. 
Strength and qualifications 
1, Class A enterprise of Ningbo Customs 
2, Ningbo, Shanghai, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou and other places with the import customs broker, customs clearance and improve the network 
3, with dozens of experienced customs declaration, inspection staff 
1, import agent Customs clearance 
2, agents various types of imported documents 
3, import business consulting 
4, import logistics integration project planning and collaboration 
features services 
1, imports of automotive and related supply items 
2, food imports items 
3, waste imported items 
4, imports of raw materials Item 
5, the import of equipment items 
6, Free Trade Zone, Bonded Logistics Park import 
7, bonded, tax-free temporary import and export import documents for approval 
of Ningbo Port 
Contact: Chen Yan Yan Chen 
Phone: +86-0574-87753913 
Email / MSN: yan.chen @
Shanghai Port 
Contact: Aki Zhang Zhang 
Phone: +86-021-60731777 
Email / MSN: aki.zhang_sha @
Xiaoshan Port 
Contact: Carrie Xucai Ying Xu 
Phone: + 86-0571-82668188 
Email / MSN: carrie.xu_xs @


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